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Why Invest In Smart Grid Companies?

Creating a Smart Grid Will Be a "Colossal Task"

One of the most important energy projects in this country and around the globe is to modernize the electric power grid. This overhaul will provide significant improvement to an old, outdated model where huge electric utilities push power into a pool, and users pull it out. This massive re-engineering project will create significant investment opportunities for those who pick can pick the right smart grid companies.

Smart grid companies that have established themselves in key smart grid related industries will have an abundance of business opportunities. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, creating a smart grid is a "colossal task" that will take years or even decades to complete. Bloomberg New Energy Finance projects that by 2018 global smart grid investments should grow to $25.2 billion per year. Because this undertaking is so enormous, and because we are only in the early stages of creating the smart grid, long-term investors will be rewarded by strategically picking high quality smart grid companies now.

Smart Grid Companies to Watch

The Roen Financial Report Tracks Almost 60 Smart Grid Companies

Building a "smart grid" is an evolving, dynamic process that is well underway. For companies involved with this effort there will no doubt be winners and losers. It is not only important to understand the financial health of a company, but investors must also know which smart grid companies are in the right technologies. By receiving this special report, you will learn which smart grid companies are best positioned to continue shaping the smart grid's future. This free special edition is a supplement to the Roen Financial Report, a monthly newsletter which focuses on high quality investments in alternative energy industries.

Which Are The Best Smart Grid Companies For Investors?

How Do You Pick the Key Players?

Your free special report SMART GRID INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES, Understanding the Smart Grid Investment Landscape, will help you to:

In addition to receiving your free special report on smart grid companies, readers will get free weekly e-mail updates on smart grid developments, as well as other important news on alternative energy investments. Key areas of the alternative energy landscape, including solar energy stocks, wind power companies and alternative fuel providers and others, are covered. This is a free service of the Roen Financial Report designed to help the smart investor navigate the alternative energy landscape.

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